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2009-05-25 James Vega <>
* Version!
* Fixed a bug in Factoids where the help could not be retrieved for
any command.
* Fixed a bug where Plugin.list wouldn't list any aliases/RSS feeds
from the Alias/RSS plugins.
* Updated Google to ensure the third-party json module (different API
than simplejson) isn't loaded. Based on a patch from Ricky Zhou.
* Updated Channel.nicks so it doesn't reply with nicks from secret
channels outside of that channel.
* Updated Channel.{op,halfop,voice,deop,dehalfop,devoice} commands so
they respect the server's "max mode changes per message" setting.
* Updated utils.str.nItems to accept long as well as int. Thanks to
Ricky Zhou for the patch.
2009-05-18 James Vega <>
* Version 0.83.4!
* Fixed a bug where we were attempting to tag a non-existent IrcMsg.
* Fixed a bug where the Web plugin was not catching the correct
* Fixed a bug where the Protector plugin was attempting to use a
non-existent variable.
* Added verbiage to supybot.log.level indicating that it doesn't
control the logging level for stdout and pointing out the correct
config variable.
* Added a new rank command to the ChannelStats plugin.
* Added a new remove command to the Later plugin.
* Added new azn and uniud commands to the Filter plugin.
* Fixed a bug in the Socket driver that could cause it to continually
attempt to reconnect to a server which is unavailable.
* Fixed a bug in supybot-wizard that would cause it to abort if the user
chose to use SSL.
* Fixed the haveOp context to call getChannel if it wasn't already
* Fixed a bug in supybot-test where the entire test run would end if one
plugin couldn't be loaded.
* Updated the httpUrl context to prepend 'http://' if that would result
in a valid HTTP URL. A noticeable benefit is that users can now call
"@title" instead of requiring the user to call
* Fixed Supybot to be compatible with Python 2.6
* Added a note to Owner.defaultplugin's help to point out
supybot.commands.defaultPlugin.importantPlugins, which affects which
plugins have priorities over ambiguous command names.
* Rewrote the Google plugin to use the new AJAX API since Google
hasn't been giving out new keys for the SOAP API.
* Added a new translate command to the Google plugin.
* Fixed a copy/paste error in the help for User.capabilities.
* Updated Web.title to give a more appropriate message if the URL
definitely has no title.
* Fixed irc.reply so prefixNick is not used when action=True.
* Implemented the command flood prevention, controlled by
supybot.abuse.flood.command.*, thanks to a patch from nebajoth.
* Added utils/ to provide a uniform interface to the Python
crypt functionality regardless of the Python version being used.
* Fixed the urlRe and httpUrlRe regexes in utils/ to be more
correct about what they match. They now match according to RFCs 1034
and 1738.
* Updated getSyntax to allow the syntax string to be specified,
similar to getHelp.
* Updated getCommandHelp to respect supybot.reply.showSimpleSyntax.
* Updated Factoids.getCommandHelp to respect
* Fixed a bug where getCommandMethod would return methods that weren't
actually commands. This was exposed by adding a die Alias.
* Removed supybot.plugins.Channel.banmask in favor of a general config
variable, supybot.protocols.irc.banmask.
* Updated AutoMode to respect supybot.protocols.irc.banmask when
* Updated Channel.ignore.add and Channel.ban.add to respect
* Fixed Channel.kban so that it will fall back to an exact hostmask
instead of refusing to ban the user when the banmask would also match
the bot's hostmask.
* Added the ability to disable ChannelLogger's logging on a
per-channel basis.
* Fixed Config so it will respond with an error when the set, get, or
default commands are called on config groups that don't have values.
* Added a new config variable, supybot.plugins.AutoMode.owner, which
can be used to prevent AutoMode behavior from applying to the owner(s)
(since the owner has all capabilities).
* Fixed the regex parsing in utils/ to correctly handle multiple
backslashes before the search/replace separator.
* Renamed supybot.plugins.Google.safeSearch to
supybot.plugins.Google.searchFilter since the behavior and valid
values changed as part of the switch to the AJAX API.
* Updated RSS.announce to have list, add, and remove sub-commands
instead of the old option-parsing interface.
* Added a new config variable,
supybot.plugins.ShrinkUrl.shrinkSnarfer.showDomain, which controls
whether the shrinkSnarfer displays the domain of the original URL
along with the shrunken URL.
* Updated the default value for
supybot.plugins.ChannelLogger.filenameTimestamp so it sorts
* Updated Misc.last to prevent users from retrieving messages from
channels they aren't in or from private channels when they're in
another channel.
* Fixed supybot.directories.plugins so the directory Supybot is
installed to is not included. This change makes the config file work
across Python upgrades without user-intervention.
* Updated Config.config to show both the global and channel-specific
value (if it exists) of the variable.
* Fixed Google.calc to work around a change in Google's HTML. This
change should be more resilient to future HTML changes.
* Fixed a bug where User.set.password could not be used if your
current hostmask wasn't recognized.
* Fixed a bug in Limiter where the limit could be set to fewer than
the current number of users in the channel.
* Updated String to give a more useful message when decoding a base64
string fails.
* Updated User.hostmask.add to require it be called in private since a
password may be given as part of the command.
* Updated BadWords to only strip the formatting of messages which have
a bad word in them.
* Fixed a bug in the supybot script where it would continue to run
even if it was unable to create the pidFile. This could cause
multiple instances of supybot to run simultaneously if using
supybot-botchk were being used to keep supybot running.
* Updated plugins.DB to return a fake database check when generating
documentation. This allows the user to generate docs without having
the required database plugins installed.
* Updated supybot-plugin-doc to be able to generate reStructuredText.
* Removed the Insult plugin.
* Added the Dunno plugin, which can be taught responses to use in
place of the normal invalid command response.
* Added the Success plugin, which can be taught responses to use in
place of the normal operation succeeded response.
* Updated the data file for Math's convert command.
2007-10-22 James Vega <>
* Version 0.83.3!
* Added the BadWords plugin from supybot-plugins and updated the
plugin to allow kicking of people who use defined BadWords.
* Added support for different log levels on stdout vs the log file.
* Fixed a bug where the bot always reacted to invalid command floods
even if supybot.abuse.flood.command.invalid indicated not to.
(Closes: #1716878)
* Fixed a bug where the RSS plugin would lower-case URLs, thus making
them impossible to retrieve. (Closes: #1666786)
* Fixed ircmsgs.prettyPrint to handle unrecognized commands.
(Closes: #1630963)
* Fixed a bug in the Services plugin where the bot would continuously
send Ghost commands.
* Fixed Google.calc to handle a change in Google's HTML.
* Fixed a bug where Plugin.list was listing functions which weren't
valid commands.
* Fixed RSS's handling of encodings to eliminate some ascii conversion
* Updated the rssparser using plugins with the renamed and newer
feedparser 4.1 in order to properly handle Bugzilla RSS feeds.
* Updated PLUGIN_TUTORIAL to specify that the user needs to import
Python's random module.
* Updated the Web plugin so it uses HTMLParser over sgmllib's parser
since sgmllib's enters an infinite loop on invalid input.
* Updated getHelp() so callers can pass in the help string. This is
used in the Factoids plugin to dynamically generate a help string
based on a config value.
* Updated so bolding is handled better. User input,
default values, and defined choices are no longer bolded.
* Updated String.len to use wrap(). This greatly simplifies the
command and introduces better argument handling.
* Updated a few uses of sre to use re if the bot is running under
Python 2.5.
* Fixed test cases for mircColor and sorted (thanks dcraven).
* Updated assertAction's error message to give useful information
about what went wrong.
2006-07-23 James Vega <>
* Version 0.83.2! (A long overdue bugfix release)
* Updated the Services plugin such that it will not spam GHOST
commands faster than once every 60 seconds (or as set by
* Updated the Seen plugin so that performing @seen with a leading
wildcard will not result in duplicate nicks in the response.
* Updated RSS to handle the feed's advertised character encoding in
more of its commands.
* Updated "Channel.ban list" to show how long until the ban expires.
* Fixed the bug where addressed karma adjustments would cause the bot
to crash.
* Fixed Alias.lock and Alias.unlock to work properly now that the
alias functions are no longer attributes of the Alias plugin.
* Fixed a Windows-specific NameError in
* Fixed to actually perform the string substitution of the
given config name.
* Replace Twisted with Socket as the default network driver.
* Added an --ssl option to Network.connect.
* Added a question about SSL network connections in supybot-wizard.
* Added recognition of UnrealIRCd's protected users and channelowners
as ops.
* Updated URL.last to perform a case-insensitive search.
* Updated the Author class so it performs the email munging. This
prevents munging occurring for punctuation in a person's name.
* Updated ircutils' color handling to specify a default foreground
color of white if only a background color is specified.
* Updated registry.StringWithSpaceOnRight to accept the empty string.
* Updated registry.StringSurroundedBySpaces to be a single space if
given an empty string.
* Updated utils.str.format to recognize digits before the '.' in %f
* Stop explicitly setting a umask. Instead we'll just obey the user's
2005-09-01 James Vega <>
* Version 0.83.1!
* Fixed a bug in Owner where plugins would not be automatically loaded
unless the bot was connected to more than one network.
2005-08-30 James Vega <>
* Version 0.83.0!
* Updated the Services plugin to realize it is identified when
NickServ says that the bot is already identified.
* Updated Network.whois so that +s channels are only returned when in
that channel.
* Updated to retrieve the proper information from
rssparser's results.
* Updated the RSS plugin to encode the headlines in the proper
charset, if the feed specifies an encoding.
* Fixed a bug in Todo.todo when negative priorities are used.
* Fixed a bug in Web where the entire title was not correctly parsed
from the web page.
* Fixed a bug in Web where the title was correctly parsed, but a later
parsing problem caused the command to not reply with the title.
* Fixed a bug in Misc.last where the last message in a channel was
skipped when the command was not called in that channel.
* Fixed a bug in Channel.ban remove and Channel.ignore remove when
there were no bans or ignores.
* Fixed a bug in User.hostmask list when there are no registered
* Changed the prefixName keyword argument to prefixNick.
* Updated the socket handling to properly detect when an IPV6
connection should be made.
* Updated irclib to handle IRCds (like IRCNet) which send a
MAXLIST-style value for the MAXBAN 005 key.
* Updated the plugin loading to happen during __init__ instead of when
receiving the 001 message. This allows the bot to connect to networks
that require a CTCP response on connect.
* Updated the SIGHUP handler to reload the ignoresdb.
* Fixed a bug in ircutils.isNick so that it no longer allows nicks to
start with a hyphen.
* Fixed a bug in the first spec which would cause an error to be
raised if the first converter failed.
2005-05-30 James Vega <>
* Version 0.83.0rc3!
* Updated Topic such that it can undo the first topic change performed
in a channel.
* Removed -O and -OO options for scripts/supybot.
* Removed password hashing options for scripts/supybot-adduser.
* Fixed a bug where RSS.remove wasn't removing the feed from
* Fixed a bug in Topic.set where setting the first topic would change
the entire topic.
* Fixed an AttributeError in the Ctcp plugin.
* Fixed a problem where Supybot would attempt to connect to a network
it was already connected to.
* Fixed a problem where a command with the same name as its plugin had
to be invoked as "plugin command".
* Fixed an exception when irc.reply was called with a non-string
* Fixed an ImportError in Twisted driver when OpenSSL wasn't
* Updated Socket driver to fix some longstanding issues.
* Added supybot.drivers.maxReconnectWait, which determines the maximum
amount of time the bot will wait before attempting to reconnect to an
IRC server.
* Added utils.python.Synchronized metaclass to ensure synchronized
access to class methods.
* Moved utils.changeFunctionName to utils.python.changeFunctionName.
2005-05-12 James Vega <>
* Version 0.83.0rc2!
* Added News, Unix, and Insult plugins which were missing in the
previous RC.
* Updated Misc.list to show the full configuration variable name when
the plugin has no commands.
* Fixed an HtmlParseError exception in Web's title command and
* Fixed an ImportError exception when calling Todo.todo with no
* Fixed a bug where Channel.{enable,disable} would throw an exception
if only a command names was specified.
* Added utils.str.ordinal (patch from genjamin AT gmail DOT com).
2005-05-02 James Vega <>
* Version 0.83.0rc1!
* Added supybot-botchk script. This script can be run from a
cron job to make sure your Supybot restarts when the computer it
runs on is rebooted, and can make sure the bot restarts if it
ever crashes (which it shouldn't). It also allows restarting the
bot without shelling out to the box it runs on; if you quit the
bot, it'll automatically restart.
* Added supybot-plugin-doc script, which generates documentation for a
* Added SSL server support for the Twisted driver.
* Added Web plugin, which contains most of the commands that were
in the (formerly included) Http plugin.
* Added Reply plugin, which contains several commands that were
in the Misc and Utilities plugins.
* Added Games plugin, which contains several commands that were
in the (formerly included) Fun plugin.
* Added String plugin, which contains several commands that were
also in the formerly included Fun plugin.
* Added, which adds a new topic to the end of the
channel topic, removing topics at the beginning as necessary to
squeeze the new topic in.
* Added Seen.any, which reports the last time a person was seen
at all, rather than just the last time a person said something in
* Added Web.fetch, which replies with the text of the given URL.
This might be useful in combination with command,
for pseudo-parsing URLs within aliases.
* Added to retrieve the next unread note (patch from Sune
Foldager. Come back, Sune!).
* Updated User.capabilities always to respond in private (for
owner users) and to prevent non-owner-users from retrieving other
user's capabilities.
* Updated Relay.{join,part} so they require the admin capability.
* Updated Plugin.contributors to pull author/contributor information
from the plugin in addition to the authors already hard-coded in
* Added conf.supybot.protocols.irc.queuing.rateLimit.join to throttle
how fast Supybot joins channels.
* Added conf.supybot.plugins.Herald.requireCapability, which specifies
the capability a user needs to affect another user's herald.
* Added conf.supybot.plugins.ShrinkUrl.bold, which specifies whether
the plugin should use bold in its responses.
* Renamed conf.supybot.plugins.Herald.throttleTime to
* Renamed conf.supybot.plugins.Herald.throttleTimeAfterPart to
* Renamed the general log file (misc.log) to messages.log.
* Renamed Google.metagoogle to Google.meta.
* Renamed conf.supybot.protocols.irc.queueDuplicateMessages to
* Updated Alias.add so that alias names can coincide with plugin names.
* Added netsplit throttling to Herald. Now if only we could do
that to Relay...
* Changed Todo's db format to a single flatfile db per user.
* Fixed a bug where the nickInChannel converter would add the channel
to the args list.
* Fixed some exceptions in RSS.
* Fixed a problem with RSS not properly escaping feed names.
* Fixed supybot.utils.str parsing of regular expression separators
other than / (patch from gcbirzan).
* Fixed Owner.enable so that commands can actually be re-enabled.
* Fixed Bug #1190350, incorrect extraction of a website's title.
* Added various functions to supybot.utils.file (touch, writeLine,
readLines, chunks).
* Renamed the 'regexps' attribute in callbacks.PluginRegexp
(formerly callbacks.PrivmsgCommandAndRegexp) to unaddressedRegexps
to callbacks.PluginRegexp so as to complement addressedRegexps.
* Removed the extra argument to utils.str.pluralize which specified
whether or not to pluralize the string.
* Changed the order of the arguments to utils.str.nItems.
2005-01-16 James Vega <>
* Version 0.80.0!
* Updated Babelfish to include Dutch, Greek, Russian, and traditional
Chinese as supported languages.
* Updated RSS.rss to obey supybot.reply.oneToOne.
* Updated to specify which registry value has an improper
* Fixed a bug in, the "Current bid" regexp needed to be
2005-01-12 James Vega <>
* Version 0.80.0rc3!
* Updated the Geekquote snarfer to snarf' links.
* Fixed a bug in Infobot, mis-typed registry value.
* Fixed Network.connect to actually use the supplied password.
* Fixed supybot.databases.plugins.channelSpecific.getChannelLink()
to return the proper channel link instead of returning the given
2005-01-11 James Vega <>
* Version 0.80.0rc2!
* Implemented Observer.remove, which disables and removes the observer
from all channels.
* Added to determine
whether a channel allows other channels to link to its database.
* Added supybot.plugins.BadWords.stripFormatting, which determines
whether the bot will strip any formatting before filtering bad words.
* Added supybot.plugins.Markov.ignoreBotCommands, which determines
whether the Markov plugin will learn commands given to the bot.
* Added a Network.driver command, which reports the current driver
being used.
* Added an Infobot.update command, which allows the user to import an
existing Infobot factpack.
* Added a Topic.replace command, which replaces the given topic with a
new topic.
* Added a command, which allows the user to search for
notes they have sent or received.
* Added supybot.databases.channelSpecific.getChannelLink(), which
returns a channel based on how channels link to each other.
* Added supybot.plugins.Channel.banmask which specifies the default
method of generating Channel.kban's banmask.
* Renamed to
* Updated RSS.announce such that it adds the arguments to the current
list of announced feeds instead of overwriting the current list.
* Update the Google groupsSnarfer to work with Google's beta groups
* Updated Network.disconnect to announce that the disconnection
attempt has started.
* Updated Debian.bug to handle website changes.
* Updated Observer.{add,remove} to require the Admin capability.
* Updated Infobot so that it actually works reasonably well; removed
the deprecation.
* Updated Sourceforge to handle changes in the website.
* Updated UrbanDict to handle changes in the website.
* Updated plugins.getChannel and plugins.makeChannelFilename to
properly handle the new channelSpecific database setup.
* Fixed a bug with ShrinkUrl.ln; the url needed to be urlquoted before
being passed off to
* Fixed some database conversion bugs in
* Fixed a bug in socketDrivers where reconnection attempts would
always occur immediately, thus continually blocking the bot.
* Fixed an exception in registry.OnlySomeString's error method;
the parent method doesn't accept an argument.
* Fixed a bug in RSS where announcing the same feed in multiple
channels would cause improper displaying of the new feeds.
2004-12-22 Jeremy Fincher <>
* Version 0.80.0pre6!
* Added a Topic.separator command, which replaces the current
separator with a new separator, changing the topic to reflect the
* Changed the supybot.user configuration variable so that if it
isn't configured, the user will stay up-to-date with the current
version of the bot. To take advantage of this, set your
supybot.user configuration variable to ""
* Removed the supybot.databases.users.hash configuration
variable, so all bots hash by default.
* Fixed a bug with AutoMode's auto-banning feature; a variable
was misspelled.
* Fixed a bug with ChannelValues picking up children that aren't
* Fixed Misc.apropos not to be case-sensitive.
* Fixed bug in User.register; it works now.
2004-12-20 Jeremy Fincher <>
* Version 0.80.0pre5!
* Added a "shuffle" command to the Utilities plugin, which
shuffles its arguments. Useful in combination with
Utilities.last, which returns the last argument it's given, in
combination with Utilities.apply, in order to pick a random
string (think aliases).
* Added supybot.plugins.Relay.noticeNonPrivmsgs, for making the
relay plugin use NOTICEs rather than PRIVMSGs to relay
non-PRIVMSG messages to a channel. This often affects tab
coloring in IRC clients and thus makes it so that relay messages
color the tabs like the actual messages would have.
* Numerous bug fixes. Many, many bugs fixed. Oodles and oodles
of bugs have been fixed. Myriad bugs fixed. Get the idea? :)
2004-12-17 James Vega <>
* Version 0.80.0pre4!
* is now a
channelValue so that individual channels can decide to link their
* Deprecated asyncoreDrivers. Use twistedDrivers or socketDrivers
* Moved {eval,exec} from to in the sandbox.
* Numerous bug fixes.
2004-09-30 Jeremy Fincher <>
* Version 0.80.0pre3!
* Deprecated FunDB, added two new plugins, Lart and Praise, to
handle the same features individually for larts and praises.
There is a script in tools/ that will convert from a FunDB to a
lart or praise database.
* Deprecated the Infobot plugin, in expectation of a rewrite.
* Deprecated the Quotes plugin, since we don't know anyone who
seriously uses it. Let us know if you do use it, because it may
be removed in a future version.
* Added Karma.{dump,load} for dumping and subsequently loading
the Karma database.
* Changed the News database implementation to a flatfile
* Removed the tinyurl shrinking code from the URL plugin and put
it in the ShrinkUrl plugin, and added the ability to use
as different URL shrinker as well.
* Added an outFilter to the ShrinkUrl plugin that will shrink any
outgoing URL that is longer than the minimum length.
* Added a Freenode plugin as proof-of-concept; the bot can now
use CAPAB IDENTIFY-MSG to ignore users that aren't identified.
* Added the ability for the Seen plugin to match nicks with
* Added a showLinks configuration option to the RSS plugin to
show links during announcements (and another such variable for
* Added the spellit, hebrew, and shrink filters to the Filter
* Added the ability to log to separate directories to
* Added the option to Lookup.add to add lookups that don't reply
with the key.
* Added "at" and "until" commands to the Time plugin; they're not
perfect, and they don't parse nearly enough times, but they're
somewhat tolerable for now.
* Added a Sourceforge.stats command.
* Added single-letter commands to the Words plugin when a hangman
game is active.
* Added supybot.plugins.Services.disabledNetworks, to disable the
Services plugin specific networks.
* Added supybot.protocols.irc.vhost, for binding to a vhost
before connecting.
* Added supybot.reply.format.time.elapsed.short, offering now a
"short" formatting for elapsed times.
* Added supybot.commands.quotes, for configuring which quotes can
be used to quote arguments to commands.
* Added,
specifying the "default channel" for non-channel-specific
databases to use.
* Moved the supybot.humanTimestampFormat configuration variable
to supybot.reply.format.time.
* Added a configuration variable determining the maximum length
of replies internally, so they can't suck up as much CPU as they
would otherwise.
* Added a configuration variable determining the maximum nesting
depth allowed, so exceedingly nested commands will be stopped
before they're executed.
* Added configuration variables concerning the formats used by
the central and plugin logging facilities.
* Added a configuration variable determining the quote characters
used by the bot to quote literal strings.
* Added support for line-wrapping the registry configuration
* Moved supybot.reply.{brackets,pipeSyntax} to
* Fixed a longstanding bug with the bot "forgetting"
channel-specific configuration variables if they weren't
exercised during the duration of the bot's uptime.
* Fixed renames so they're finally persistent.
* Fixed a bug having to do with Note and unsent notes.
* Fixed several bugs in the interaction of Infobot with other
* Added commands.wrap, the new method for wrapping commands and
handling type validation errors consistently throughout the bot.
* Upgraded many of the outside projects we include to their
newest versions.
2004-09-17 James Vega <>
* Version 0.80.0pre2!
* Added supybot.plugins.Google.colorfulSnarfer, which determines
whether the word 'google' in the bot's output will be made colorful
(like Google's logo).
* Added the Time plugin, to hold all of our Time related commands.
* Added max() and min() to Math.calc.
* Added, which allows the Owner to retrieve the pid of the
bot's process.
* Added supybot.plugins.Sourceforge.enableSpecificTrackerCommands,
which enables the rfe, bug, and patch commands.
* Added Topic.topic, which returns the current topic of the channel.
* Updated conf.Databases to use a more sane database ordering and
include anydbm.
* Updated various plugins to use our new-style database abstraction.
Plugin databases using this new-style will be named Plugin.dbtype.db.
2004-09-12 Jeremy Fincher <>
* Version 0.80.0pre1!
* Added the facility to supporting several different database
implementations in a plugin, allowing the user to specify which
databases are supported as well as in what order of preference.
* Added the Insult plugin, for colorful, creative insults.
* Added the UrbanDict plugin, for defining words based on
* Added the Observer plugin, for watching a channel for regexps
and running commands when the bot sees such regexps.
* Moved Http.geekquote to a new Geekquote plugin, added a command
for using, and added a snarfer.
* Added a SuperIgnore plugin, a good example of an inFilter and a
way to completely, totally ignore people.
* Changed the name of the Network plugin to Internet.
* Added a new Network plugin, and moved some commands from Owner,
Misc, and Relay to it.
* Added CTCP flood protection.
* Added a supybot.plugins.Karma.allowUnaddressedKarma
configuration variable, for allowing karma increments/decrements
similar to Infobot.
* Added supybot.reply.whenAddressedBy.nicks, to allow users to
specify a list of nicks to which the bot will respond as if they
were its own nick.
* Added the ability to support multiple-word karma
* Changed Owner.rename to be handled persistently; now renames
work across restarts of the bot or reloads of a plugin.
* Changed Misc.last to include a timestamp for when the message
was sent.
* Added the Channel.alert command, to send all currently
connected ops on a channel a message.
* Changed the MoobotFactoids plugin to allow commands to be
nested in factoids definitions and searches.
* Removed the futurama command in favor of adding a
futurama.supyfact file to supybot-data.
* Improved the Http.kernel command, showing more kernel types.
* Added a new contributors command and a way of storing
contributors and their contributions in a plugin.
* Changed the name of Anonymous.action to, to be
more consistent with "say" and other bots (MozBot, iirc).
* Added the ability for channel bans and ignores and global
ignores to have expiration times.
* Added invalid command flood protection.
* Changed RSS' headlines output to bold the separators in order
to make it easier to distinguish the headlines.
* Added a --no-network option to supybot-wizard.
* Added several attributes to IrcMsg objects as they pass through
the bot; currently we tag them with receivedAt, receivedBy, and
* Added RichReplyMethods.errorInvalid, a nice helper method for
sending errors about invalid values.
* Changed the --nonetwork and --noplugins options to test/
to --no-network and --no-plugins.
* Changed plugins.makeChannelFilename, swapping the order of the
channel and filename arguments and making the channel optional.
* Changed the first argument to callbacks.Privmsg.callCommand to
be a name rather than a method, for greater justice.
* Added a new mechanism for ordering plugins (subclasses of
callbacks.Privmsg) which is much more flexible than a simple
priority system.
2004-09-06 James Vega <>
* Version 0.79.9999!
* Added stripFormatting option to ChannelLogger plugin, which
determines whether non-printable formatting characters are logged.
* Added Sourceforge.patches command to complement the current bugs
and rfes commands.
* Added abs() to Math.calc.
* Improved the interface for Config.list. Now groups and values
are listed, with groups being denoted by a leading @.
* Improved Config.config such that the user can specify the entire
config variable name (conf.supybot....).
* Fixed a bug where ChannelLogger wouldn't log ignored nicks.
* Fixed an incorrect path in INSTALL.
* Fixed some missing imports in Unix's configure method.
* Fixed a bug where an owner could publically retrieve a private
configuration variable.
* Fixed an exception when trying to remove non-existent Heralds.
* Fixed an exception in RSS.getHeadlines.
* Fixed a couple bugs in Poll, when retrieving the Poll id.
* Fixed a problem with trying to use socket.inet_pton under
Windows; Python doesn't build their Win32 port with IPV6 support,
so we have to brute-force IPV6 detection.
* Fixed a few bugs with how Infobot handled the SQLite db.
* Fixed others/ so that liter-based units are
properly capitalized (L not l) and use 1000 as the conversion rate
for MB, KB, etc. since MiB, KiB, etc. are also known units.
* Fixed a bug where Infobot would confirm an unaddressed factoid
* Fixed a problem where Google.stats didn't keep track of all
2004-08-31 Jeremy Fincher <>
* Version 0.79.999!
* Added the ability to send long fortunes line-by-line rather
than all in one (or several) messages; it will do this if
supybot.reply.oneToOne is set to False.
* Added many configuration variables to the Unix plugin, allowing
configurable commands and options to those commands.
* Changed the output of Config.list to show groups with a
preceding @, rather than use the --groups option.
* Changed the Google.stats (formerly command to be
persistent, using the registry to record old values for the
number of searches made and the number of seconds Google has
spent searching for the bot.
* Added module __revision__ logging to our exception logs, for
more information in bug reports.
* Fixed a bug with asyncoreDrivers' handling of reconnects; it
would not reconnect when commanded to if it had reconnected
* Fixed several bugs where the bot was testing nicks for
equivalence without first normalizing them, leading to some false
* Fixed a bug with the handling of
supybot.reply.withNoticeWhenPrivate so all private messages
really are replied to with a notice.
* Fixed Http.geekquote to match the current layout.
Also, made sure all ids are valid ids before requesting a quote
(apparently is returning a certain quote for all invalid
* Fixed a bad regular expression in the Ebay plugin which could
cause the bot to suck up 100% CPU for a signficant (perhaps
practically infinite) amount of time.
* Fixed a bug where the bot would sometimes reconnect to a
network after being told to disconnect.
* Fixed an uncaught exception in Owner.connect when the user
forgets the network name
2004-08-30 Jeremy Fincher <>
* Version 0.79.99! We're getting asymptotically closer to
* Added Anonymous.action, to anonymously perform actions in a
specified channel.
* Added a Karma.clear, so channel ops can clear the karma for a
given name.
* Added a Topic.redo, to redo the last undo.
* Added supybot.protocols.irc.umodes, to allow the bot to set
user modes upon connecting to a network.
* Fixed numerous bugs involved with disconnecting, reconnecting,
and using multiple networks.
* Fixed a bug that would prevent the bot from quitting except via
multiple Ctrl-Cs.
* Fixed some mis-interaction between the Karma plugin and the
Infobot plugin.
* Fixed RSS's announcements.
* Fixed bug in Later whereby no more than one message could be
queued for a nick.
* Fixed Services.configure, as well as several bugs in Services
which sometimes prevented the bot from identifying.
* Fixed bugs in the Poll module that caused the list and poll
commands not to work.
* Fixed the ebay snarfer.
* Fixed exception raised by some CTCP messages when the URL
plugin was loaded.
* Fixed Debian.version.
* Fixed Amazon's use of unicode.
2004-08-27 Jeremy Fincher <>
* Version 0.79.9!
* Added Infobot, a plugin to emulate Infobot.
* Added Anonymous, a plugin for anonymously saying things to a
* Added Tail, a plugin which will tail logfiles and send the
new lines to a configurable list of targets.
* Added NickCapture, a plugin which tries to recapture a nick
that's being used by someone else, both by watching for QUITs
with that nick and by checking via ISON for that nick.
* Changed the behavior of "seen" with the --user switch instead to
be a separated command, Seen.user.
* Changed the behavior of "seen" with no arguments instead to be
a separate command, Seen.last.
* Moved the connect and disconnect commands from the Relay plugin
to the Owner plugin, so a Supybot can be on multiple networks
without ever loading the Relay plugin.
* Added relay bot detection to the Relay plugin. Now, rather
than get involved in a loop with another relay bot, a Supybot
will (if it has ops) rain down its wrath upon the offender.
* Added supybot.plugins.Quotes.requireRegistration, which
determines whether a user need be registered to add Quotes to
the Quotes database.
* Added supybot.plugins.RSS.showLinks, which determines whether
the bot will show links to the RSS headlines along with the
normally displayed titles.
* Removed supybot.reply.withPrivateNotice and split it into two
separate configuration variables, supybot.reply.withNotice and
* Added supybot.log.stdout.wrap, to allow optional (defaulting to
True) wrapping of stdout logs.
* Added supybot.databases.plugins.channelSpecific, a value that
determines whether the database used for channel-based plugins
will be a channel-specific database or a global database. This
value, ironically enough, is channel-specific -- channels can
each individually decide to be "part of the Borg" or to "be their
own channel." The default, of course, is for databases to be
* Changed the way channel databases are handled; instead of
generating #channel-<name> files, instead we create a subdirectory
of the data directory named #channel, and then stick all the files
in there. It's a much cleaner way to do things, in our opinion.
* Added several configuration variables to the Status plugin to
determine how verbose the cpu command is. These are, of course,
* Added a configuration variable to the Dunno plugin,
supybot.plugins.Dunno.prefixNick, which determines whether the
bot will prefix the nick of the user giving an invalid command to
its "dunno" response. Formerly, it never would; the default for
this variable, however, is True, because that's how the rest of
Supybot works.
* Added Owner.rename, a command for renaming commands in other
* Added, for getting/setting channel configuration
* Fixed the problem with channels with dots or colons in them
raising exceptions whenever the registry was accessed.
* Changed Fun.eightball to provide a similar answer for a question
asked multiple times.
* Changed Fun.roulette to use a 6-barrel revolver.
* Changed Bugzilla to use the registry, rather than a custom
flatfile database format.
* Added the KeepAlive plugin, to send useless keepalive messages
to someone every some period. It's mostly just because we
noticed that MozBot had one, and we couldn't allow ourselves to
be outdone.
* Changed the URL plugin to use flatfiles rather than SQLite
database. Also reduced the functionality of the last command by
removing some options that no one ever really used, and removed
the random command (who uses that anyway?)
* Changed the Words plugin not to use SQLite. We lose the
anagram command, but crossword and hangman become much easier to
use, since all the user has to do is put a words file in
* Changed the Relay plugin to rely only on the registry, allowing
it to start and join all networks and channels with no user/owner
interaction at all. Also, removed the Relay.say and
Relay.reconnect commands, since both can be accomplished easily
using the Relay.command command in combination with
Owner.reconnect and Anonymous.say commands.
* Added supybot.reply.withNoticeWhenPrivate, to make the bot
reply with a notice when it privately messages a user -- this
generally means that the user's client won't open a query window,
which may be nice. Do note that users can override this setting
via the user registry variable of the same name.
* Added supybot.nick.alternates, which allows a list of alternate
nicks to try, in order, if the primary nick (supybot.nick) is
taken. Also added a nick-perturbation function that will change
supybot.nick if there are no alternates or if they're all taken
as well. As a result, removed supybot.nickmods.
* Changed ChannelLogger to log channels to logs/ChannelLogger,
rather than simply logs.
* Added the ChannelRelay plugin, to relay messages between two
channels. This might be useful for people who want to forward
CVS update messages from one channel (such as #commits) to
* Added Channel.mode, to set modes in the channel, Channel.limit,
to set the channel limit, Channel.moderate and
Channel.unmoderate, to set +m and -m, respectively, and
Channel.key to set or unset the channel keyword.
* Added a new plugin, Format, which offers several commands for
formatting strings on IRC. Moved several commands from to it
from the Utilities plugin.
* Improved the functionality of RSS.announce. Calling it with
no arguments now lists the currently announced feeds. Removing
feeds is done by specifying the --remove option.
* Added a reconnect command to the Owner plugin.
* Added aol and rainbow filters to the Filter plugin.
* Added Nickometer plugin, a translation of Infobot's Nickometer.
* Added multiple recipient support for notes.
* Added BadWords.list, to list the bad words currently being
censored by the bot.
* Changed to allow plugins to specify their own help,
and added help for several of the more confusing plugins.
* Added Dunno.stats, to return the number of dunnos in the
* Added the Currency plugin, to perform currency conversions.
* Added conf.supybot.plugins.Karma.allowSelfRating, which
determines whether users are allowed to adjust the karma of their
current nick.
* Added --nolimit option to Misc.last, which causes it to return
all matches that are in the history.
* Added conf.supybot.plugins.Herald.defaultHerald, which provides
a default herald to use for unregistered users. Herald.default
was also added as a friendly interface to managing the
* Added Weather.wunder, which uses to report the
current weather status.
* Changed supybot.defaultCapabilities to be a space-separated
list rather than a comma-separated list. Also added a check to
make sure -owner was in supybot.defaultCapabilities, and to
require a command-line option to allow it not to be present.
* Added Sourceforge.fight, which returns the list of specified
projects and their bug/rfe count in sorted order, least to most.
* Added Utilities.reply for replying to a person with text. Like
echo, but it prepends the nick like the bot normally does.
* Changed Utilities.success to accept an optional <text> argument
for text to be appended to the success message.
* Changed User.{addhostmask,removehostmask,register,unregister}
to allow owner users to do what they will with their users. You
can now add hostmasks, remove hostmasks, register users, and
unregister users willy-nilly.
* Changed and moved several configuration variables.
all moved to supybot.protocols.irc; supybot.httpPeekSize moved to
supybot.protocols.http; supybot.threadAllCommands moved to
supybot.debug.threadAllCommands, and probably a few others I
forgot to mention.
* Added Http.zipinfo, which returns a veritable plethora of
information about the supplied zip code.
* Added a configuration variable for every plugin, "public", that
determines whether the plugin is considered public (i.e., whether
it will show up in the list command when the list command isn't
given the --private option).
* Added, a command for finding out which author
claims a particular plugin.
* Added Topic configuration supybot.plugins.Topic.format template
string allowing full customization of the Topic items.
* Added Topic.lock and Topic.unlock, for locking and unlocking
the topic (setting +t or -t, respectively)
* Added Topic.restore, for restoring the topic to the last-sent
topic. Useful for when people change your carefully crafted
topic by means other than the bot.
* Changed supybot.brackets so you can now provide the empty
string, which means you cannot do nesting of commands.
* Added Utilities.last, which replies with the last string
given to it. This is useful for sequencing commands and then
replying with the output of the last commnad.
* Updated to accept a feed name as well as a url.
* Added a signal handler for SIGTERM, so you folks killing your
bots uncleanly won't have as many bugs :)
* Added a signal handler for SIGHUP that reloads the bot's
various configuration files.
* Added a new configuration variable, supybot.pidFile, which
determines what file the bot should write its PID to. The
default is not to write the PID file at all.
* Added a comma argument to utils.commaAndify, which specifies the
character to use in place of the comma.
2004-04-16 Jeremy Fincher <>
* Version 0.77.2!
* Fixed numerous bugs, high and low, big and small and
in-between. Definitely worthy of a release.
* Added supybot.plugins.ChannelLogger.includeNetworkName, so the
logs aren't strangified when relaying between channels.
* Added a --capability option to User.list, to allow people to
list all the users possessing a certain capability. The main
reason this was added is so jemfinch can tell who owns which
Supybots on #supybot :)
* Added Utilities.success, mostly for making aliases such that
they can respond with success if no errors were encountered in
any nested commands.
* Changed the name of the new filter, colorstrip, to be
stripcolor. Better now than after it was highly established :)
* Added configuration variables
supybot.plugins.Services.NickServ.password (which replaces the
old supybot.plugins.Services.password) for specifying the
NickServ password, as well as
supybot.plugins.Services.ChanServ.{op,halfop,voice}, which
determine what the bot should request of ChanServ when it
identifies or joins a channel. These latter variables are, of
course, channel variables.
* Added configuration variable
supybot.plugins.Babelfish.languages (which replaces the old
supybot.plugins.Babelfish.disabledLanguages) for specifying
which languages will be translated/spoken.
* Fixed bug #863601, plugin BadWords fails on color codes.