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# mandatory:
# optional core dependencies:
chardet # to detect encoding of incoming IRC lines, if they are not in UTF-8
python-gnupg # for authenticated based on GPG tokens
PySocks # for SOCKS proxy (typically used to connect to IRC via Tor)
pyxmpp2-scram # for the scram-sha-256 SASL mechanism
# optional plugin dependencies:
cryptography # required to load the Fediverse plugin (used to implement HTTP signatures to support Mastodon instances with AUTHORIZED_FETCH=true)
feedparser # required to load the RSS plugin
pytz;python_version<'3.9' # enables timezone manipulation in the Time and Geography plugins. On Python >=3.9, the standard library is used instead
python-dateutil # enable fancy time string parsing in the Time plugin
ddate # required for the ddate command in the Time plugin