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Welcome to the Limnoria wiki!

Unless otherwise noted, everything in this wiki is under the CC-BY 4.0 license.


Limnoria is a fork of Supybot, a great full-featured Python IRC bot, with powerful command handling, clean plugins, and an awesome community.

For help about Supybot-related things, see Gribble's resources

Why create Limnoria?

Unfortunately, Supybot is a bit inactive, so I (ProgVal) forked it to have an active repository. I would be pleased if you contributed to this project.

Project history

Limnoria was first called Supybot-fr, because its only feature was to provide a French translation. Then I added support for third party translations, and other contributors translated it in other language (see the available languages), that's why I renamed the project. Supybot-fr still exists, but it is now restricted to a French documentation hub, without any code repository.

What about the name?

Another great fork of Supybot is Gribble (a kind of worm). After making some modifications to the code, I merged all modifications made in Gribble. That's why I choosed to name this project Limnoria, because gribbles are a species of limnoria.




We really need translators! See the available languages to get a list of languages you can start translating or helping with maintaining.

You can find help on translating here (PDF) or in the IRC channel.


I suggest you to use the GitHub way: fork the repository (with the top right button), edit the code, then send me a pull request.

If you don't want to do it like this, please send me a diff from your public Git repository in email. You can send me tarballs, but I don't like that, because I may have done some updates to Limnoria repository while you were working on your code.


For the moment, the only rule is: Do not create a page about something that is not specific to Limnoria. Gribble's resources are made for that.